Mission Statement

Since our establishment in 2017, we have aimed to create the fastest, most powerful, ergonomic, and maneuverable solar and battery-powered single-occupant speed boat for the annual Solar Splash World Championship of Collegiate Solar Boating
Our goal as a student project team is to provide an environment for students with the following learning objectives: to challenge students to work problems for which they have no direct training; to learn how to approach unfamiliar and difficult
problems; to gain experience working as a team; to follow a “systems approach” to the project, and to follow the complete process of bringing an idea to reality through an iterative process of design, build, test, and modify. In the two competitions we have competed in, this approach has earned us the Most Outstanding Rookie Team Award (2018), Best Video Award (2018) Outstanding Solar System Design Award (2019), and 8th place overall (2019).